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RAID Data Recovery NYC provides Emergency Raid Data Recovery Services for any critical situation and immediate help for Raid data recovery. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Our team will prioritize any called for emergency RAID recovery need, assess the RAID and give a free quotation to ensure commencement of the process with minimal logistical issues. RAID Data Recovery NYC team of experts will work around the clock with dedicated resources to facilitate a safe return to parity of your drives and system.

We have a team of dedicated engineers specifically ready for such emergency cases. Once called upon, the input work and dedication coupled with the experience over time will see to a successfully completion of the Raid data recovery. We assure you; our professionals will not depart from the work station without completing your recovery.

For most emergency scenario, the process takes hours after receipt of an emergency recovery request. And, swift personnel will do this with minimal huddles. In the case where your RAID arrives at our offices in New York, it will be certified as emergency, and data recovery will be completed a few wait hours or next business day turn-a-round time. The recovered data will be shipped back to the client as soon as the recovery is completed.

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Located in New York, RAID Recovery NYC is the best solution for both Software and Hardware RAID recovery. Our specialty professionals in RAID data recovery respond to client needs exquisitely to ensure value in service delivery.

In the case of an array with failed disks, the drives must be temporarily repaired before any recovery attempts can be made. Each recovery is proceeded in our certified ISO class 5 cleanroom for maximum protection of your data. Before a recovery operation, our class 5 cleanroom is inspected with keen attention to every detail, hence, we report such high rates in RAID data recovery (98%). Our team of professionals comprise of experienced personnel with broad knowledge in information systems, and computer systems to competently diagnose your RAID system.

We operate 24/7, call RAID Recovery NYC today and have all your data restored with no hustle or worry.

In order to GUARANTEE the best results in the RAID date recovery process we strongly advice the following steps to prevent further corruption and possibly permanent destruction of your data. Before or as you contact us on Emergency RAID Data recovery operations;

Power down your system completely.
Note the disk bay number of each drive in the array
Document all the relevant details of device failure such as its model manufacturer, size of drives, and RAID system in use.

Incase you cannot find these details, do not panic, our experts will assess the drives at the initial examination for easy recovery procedure.

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We have a team of knowledgeable experts that will guide you in a step by step process to prepare the drive for emergency recovery operations.


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