Logical RAID data recovery

When you lose critical data as a result of a logical failure in a drive, do not panic. RAID Data Recovery NYC is here to help you recover it in the shortest time possible so that you may resume your normal operations. We are trusted experts offering the best RAID data recovery services in New York. Given a 98% success rate in RAID data recoveries and a plethora of specialized RAID data recovery tools, your data is safe.


A logical failure occurs when the RAID drive is properly working but some data files or disk partitions are not accessible. Data inaccessibility happens when drives have been formatted or the files have been corrupted.

Causes of logical failures in RAID drives

1. Failed RAID controller

A RAID controller is used to direct RAID operations and power surges can make it fail when out-of-sync drives are reincorporated into the array. In such a case, our engineers have the expertise to rebuild the array and retrieve the lost data.

2. Failed Array Rebuild.

Sometimes during the rebuild of an array, multiple RAID drive failures can occur yet the RAID system is designed to only withstand a single or double drive failure which leads to data loss.

3. A factory reset of the operating system.

4. Reformatted RAID drives.

Symptoms of logical failure in a RAID system

  • Frequent file loss or corrupted files
  • Error messages when copying data.
  • Denied access to files or the files take much time to load.

The RAID data recovery process for logical drive failure

Our team of engineers will conduct a free diagnosis of the failed RAID drive to determine if it can be accessed in a lab environment. If so, we shall create an image of the data onto a new drive and conduct a logical analysis of the data to assess the extent of the damage. A diagnosis report will then be produced and if you agree that the data should be recovered RAID data recovery process will commence. RAID data recovery involves replacing the damaged drive with a new one and rebuilding the new drive using the data in the image drive.
Whenever the errors are not serious, our technicians advise the clients on how to troubleshoot the system which solves the logical errors. This way, RAID Data Recovery NYC saves the clients from spending a hundred dollars on data recovery that could be handled by just troubleshooting the systems.

RAID data recovery cost

The cost of our services is usually affordable but may vary from one case to another. Depending on the findings in the diagnostic report, the cost will depend on the following parameters:

The data storage capacity of the affected RAID drive.
The amount of time required to recover the lost data.

Why we are the best:

1.Our engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC have the expertise and professional skills to retrieve data from failed RAID drives.
2.You can access RAID data recovery services 24/7.
3.We provide free consultation services and a free price quote.


Do not attempt to rebuild a failed RAID drive on your own using downloaded data recovery software as there is a possibility that the formatted drives will be overwritten by some internet files and these changes are irreversible. Instead, shut down the system and contact us immediately to avoid further data loss. Our expert engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC will reach out to you immediately and your data will be recovered.


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