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Data loss for our clients should only be a temporary loss and RAID Data recovery New York proves this every day given our 98% success rates in data recovery services in the past. Network-Attached Storage (NAS) data recovery is usually part of our success as we have successfully retrieved data for several clients around New York. Our NAS data recovery services revolve around all types of NAS brands including: Asustor, Buffalo, Dell, HPE, Thecus, Seagate, Netgear, Lenovo etc.

What is a NAS System?

Network –Attached Storage (NAS) is a stand-alone data storage server that is attached to a network. The disks in the system are usually outfitted with all type of data and then integrated into a RAID system. Not only is the system used to backup data but also enable data sharing and streaming across a network. NAS systems are very popular for a wide range of users ranging from enterprises, corporate clients to home users due to their conveniet provision of centralized data access. Therefore, a failure in the NAS system can be hazardous and that is where Data Recovery NYC comes in.

Causes of Data loss in NAS systems:

1.Improper RAID configurations.

Given the various RAID schemes with each having different levels of reliability, a wrong RAID configuration could result in RAID failure and data loss.

2.Alteration of NAS configurations

Any attempts to configure a NAS system differently could result in data loss.

3.Electrical damage

Power outrage and voltage fluctuations can be a cause for NAS failure. Power outrage prevents the NAS drive from integrating with the RAID drives and thus data cannot be copied to the RAID drive. It is usually hazardous when data is lost in a NAS system but we can successfully retrieve it for you.

4.User loss

A user can accidentally format a file or folder in the NAS system during partitioning which would ultimately cause data loss.

5.Extension of storage capacity

A user can decide to expand the storage capacity of the NAS system on their own without amending similar changes on the RAID system. This overloads the RAID system which eventually leads to RAID failure.

6.Natural catastrophes

Natural catastrophe are caused by fire and water. When a NAS system is exposed to extreme temperatures or water, this would damage it and hence data is likely to be lost.

7.Mechanical failure

Manual faults such as a single NAS drive failure causes a workload on the remaining drives which makes the NAS system to fail hence, culminating to data loss.

8.Controller failure

Errors in the operating systems, wrong configuration of the NAS systems and corrupt firmware are said to defect the NAS controllers hence making them to develop problems.

What to watch out for.

  • Operating system errors.
  • Boot up problems
  • System reset
  • Incomplete operations
  • Deleted tables
  • Corrupted database

When you come across any of the above issues please consult with us immediately and our support team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Our data recovery solution begins by confirming with you about the NAS system so as to examine the possible cause of the failure. We shall examine the system’s hardware, the configuration settings and virtualize the RAID software to review the backup procedure. After conduting these processes, the cause of failure can be identified.

Our expert engineers have in-depth knowledge about the construction of NAS systems; its hardware components, configurations settings for different manufacturers, file systems for file storage and the OS (operating systems) used in NAS systems. Therefore, data retrieval for your NAS drive is a guaranteed success.

After confirming with you about the RAID data recovery service, RAID Data Recovery NYC will retrieve the data for you remotely and advise you on how to avoid data loss in future.

Important advice to our clients on NAS data recovery:

Data is very sensitive and therefore, do not try to recover the data without professional assistance as this would be risking further data loss and even a possibility of permanent data loss. Seeking professional assistance from Data Recovery NYC would be the best option as we are a renowned data recovery service provider in New York and recovering data for you is a guaranteed success.


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