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RAID Recovery NYC also offers data recovery services to RAID 1+0 and RAID 50 configurations alongside other configuration levels though the two RAIDs are not very common in the market as their benefits are overridden by the benefits of using other RAIDs. To begin, RAID 1 +0 is a nested RAID configuration that is similar to the RAID 1+ 0. Though both RAIDs employ stripping and mirroring techniques, the order of data storage in RAID 1+0 combines stripping then mirroring techniques in the order in which they are mentioned. In reverse, the order in which the techniques are combined for RAID 1+ 0 starts with mirroring and followed by stripping.

RAID 50 is also a nested configuration of RAID 5 and RAID 0 respectively such that both distributed parity and stripping techniques are deployed. Though RAID 50 is mostly overlooked by clients, we believe that it is one of the best RAID configuration levels when it comes to balancing storage capacity, high performance and integrity of data; a combination of features that can never be found in all other RAIDs. Talking of data integrity, the RAID is very much susceptible to data corruption through virus, software faults and failure in the OS. No other RAID can offer such protection on data and this RAID seems to be a good option for a treat. Even though data can be recovered from the RAIDs, corrupted information or deleted data can never be recovered in its original written form. Therefore, RAID 1+ 0 and 50 systems can never be replaced with the traditional backup system.


  • Both RAID systems are fault tolerant. RAID 50 can support multiple drive failures
  • For RAID 50, there is faster read and write operations as compared to RAID 5.


  • A failure in the RAID drive controller prevents data access.
  • High storage capacity is required because of the data redundancy and hence the RAIDs are applicable for critical systems that prefer performance to storage capacity.
  • With RAID 50, if one pair of the drive fails at the same time, then data is lost.

RAIDs recovery services are ideal for:
– High performance systems i.e. web and storage servers.

As is the policy at RAID Recovery NYC, we shall offer a total risk-free RAID data recovery for all the RAIDs. Our technical team is well equipped with expertise to recover data from all types of drive failures including which our competitors had said it was impossible to recover. With years’ experience in data recovery, the company has always had a 98% success rate for all the data recovery expeditions. Our RAID recovery labs are equipped with high end RAID controller cards and even customized data recovery programs that emulate your RAID controller ready at your service.

Therefore, if your RAID 50 or RAID 1+ 0 array crashes please contact us at any time and we shall get to you immediately. RAID Recovery NYC will evaluate the array, send a free price quotation and once you agree on the price quote, further details shall be requested from you and your data recovery process will immediately commence. We are professional experts in the field and thus be assured of recovery success with no compromised data integrity or confidentiality.

Possible inquiries

  • How long is the data recovery process in RAID 50 ?
  • The recovery time may vary from one scenario to another. However, RAID Recovery NYC has sophisticated technology and RAID recovery experts who can conduct the recovery in less than a day.
  • What is the price range for your data recovery services?

Just like the duration taken to recover the data, the price in both RAIDs varies depending on various factors such as the severity of the failure and the recovery urgency. However, we really value you and do consider our clients’ dynamicity but in general, our price is very affordable and our services are worth the cost.

RAID Recovery NYC services

  • Fast and 24/7 emergency response to RAID 1cases
  • 98% success rate in data recovery
  • Use of the latest technology in data recovery services
  • Free-assessment of RAID systems and free quotations
  • Specialty professionals in data recovery response to the client needs


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