In this RAID configuration, your data will be replicated into two drives. This configuration answers the reliability and integrity question on data as it provides a solution to what most people seek by mirroring the data on two distinct physical disks or drives. The data will be written on the disks or drives simultaneously such that each storage location is a mirror location to the other. RAID 1 ensures that if one drive fails, data can be retrieved from the other storage location. Recovery data from RAID 1 drive is enhanced by the data duplication technique in the case of failure on the first storage drive. In such a scenario, RAID Recovery NYC will conduct recovery data from RAID 1 drive and ensure all your data is quickly recovered. The RAID recovery process is facilitated by the ability of the RAID controller in Drive 2 to respond to the host request for data from the surviving Drive 2. The fast read operations make RAID 1 implementation to be the best RAID configuration for instantaneous data recovery other than being easy to implement.

Figure 1: RAID 1 (mirroring) technology


  • Though it is efficient for reading operations, it is slower for write operations as data has to be rewritten on the second disk. Therefore, RAID 1 is applicable when a client prefers a fault-tolerance storage system to high-performance systems.
  • RAID 1 cannot be substituted with a backup service because if a file is corrupted or accidentally deleted from drive 1 by a bug or virus, it is instantly removed from both mirror copies. However, it is only when drive 1 fails and the entire data is lost that we can offer RAID recovery services.
  • RAID 1 configuration is also expensive as it requires a significant amount of storage space since for every data byte in disk 1, it must be duplicated to make another data copy. For instance, if the company wants to store data amounting to 200 Terabytes (TB), it must have storage space amounting to 400TB.

RAID recovery services are ideal for critical systems in:

– Large enterprises that dish out intense performance.
– Small enterprises that hold small servers for less performance.

RAID Recovery NYC strives to provide the best services to our clients and equally add value to them. Therefore, if you want to set up a RAID 1 storage system, feel free to consult with us for professional advice from our team of experts who will answer your queries and perform a comprehensive analysis of your enterprise and computer network before RAID 1 system implementation.

Besides being knowledgeable in all RAID configurations levels, engineers at RAID Recovery NYC have had 98% successful RAID recoveries. This should demonstrate the company’s prowess in its services and hence, the data recovery from RAID 1 drive is part of our success stories.

Possible inquiries

Our financial service rendering company recently experienced some data loss after the storage drives for the accounting system crushed and we could not retrieve any data. The company decided to involve a data recovery company that provides RAID services where we found RAID Recovery NYC to be one of the best RAID recovery service providers in the United States. Please advise on the most suitable RAID technology to avoid future data loss.

In this case, we would advise you to use the RAID 1 configuration for the accounting system. This is because accounting systems are usually critical and thus it is important to duplicate the written data on a second storage location in real-time. This is what is referred to as data mirroring and we have the best RAID 1 software to access the data on the second storage location in case the first location fails. Our technical staff will assess your company’s storage location, send you a free quote form detailing the requirements and the estimated cost which is usually affordable. For more inquiries, please don’t hesitate to consult with our team.

RAID Recovery NYC services

Fast and 24/7 emergency response to RAID 1cases
98% success rate in data recovery
Use of the latest technology in data recovery services
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Important advice to our client on RAID 1; Although RAID 1 systems safeguards against data loss, only data from a failed drive can be retrieved. Corrupted information or deleted data can never be recovered to its original written form. Therefore, the RAID 1 system is not a backup system.


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