RAID 10, also referred to as RAID 1 + 0, is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0 elements which are also regarded as a nested RAID 10 configuration. This implies that the RAID applies both disk striping and disk mirroring techniques.

RAID 10 configuration requires a minimum of 4 drives. Data is usually mirrored into two drives as described in RAID 5 before getting stripped on another drive pair. If one of the mirrored drive pair fails, the second drive will then be subjected to a RAID recovery for data retrieval. However, it is unfortunate that when the two drives in the mirrored pair crash, then all the data is permanently lost. This incidence could have been mitigated by the presence of parity in the striped pair as it is the case in RAID 5 which is an alternative that you could as well consider in from our services.

Advantages of RAID 10

  • RAID 10 has a high execution rate since it can perform multiple write operations on all the drives concurrently. This feature is one of the reasons the RAID is common in the market.
  • With a minimum of four drives specified for operation, the technology is less costly and may, therefore, be slain for small enterprises or consumer use at a personal level. A good reason why you should consider it at any level.
  • The RAID has a faster rebuild time than RAID 5 and 6 since the mirrored data can easily be copied to a new drive in a process that could only take about 30 minutes. This will ensure no minimal business downtime and all the business operations run normally without lowering your productivity.

In general, there will be excellent performance because of the stripping and excellent data redundancy because of the mirroring technique.


Though RAID 10 will quickly rebuild lost data, half of the drive storage space is used in mirroring and this would be quite expensive but worth the cost as you will not suffer any data loss.

If the data in one of the drives is corrupted or deleted, the same operation is simultaneously executed on the mirrored drive and the original data would never be retrieved.

Mirroring + stripping

Figure 1: RAID 10 

RAID recovery services are ideal for:
– Critical systems i.e. databases and web servers since they require no downtime.

RAID Recovery NYC strives to provide the best services to our clients and equally add value to them. Therefore, if you want to recover data from a RAID 10 storage system, you can submit a help request form and our team of experts will reach out to you. The fact that we have had 98% successful RAID recoveries in the past should demonstrate our prowess in the provision of data recovery services and hence, RAID 10 data recovery is guaranteed to be successful for you too.

Possible Inquiry

What can I do to ensure a fast downtown during a RAID 10 data recovery process.

Immediately shut down the RAID but ensure it remains powered and contact us immediately since any attempt to rebuild the RAID can cause further damage. We shall evaluate the cause of the failure, provide a recovery plan and send you a free quotation price to download after estimating the required services. Once you approve the price quote we will recover the lost data, using customized software programs that emulate the RAID controller and ensure that all the retrieved data is not corrupted.

Why you should use RAID 10 Recovery NYC for RAID 10 recovery services.

We offer:

  • Fast and 24/7 emergency response to RAID 10 cases
  • 98% success rate in data recovery
  • Use of the latest technology in data recovery services in our raid recovery labs
  • Free-assessment of RAID systems and free quotation
  • Specialty professionals in data recovery response to the client needs

Important advice to our client on RAID 10:

Even though data can be recovered from RAID 10, corrupted information or deleted data can never be recovered in its original written form. Therefore, a RAID 10 system can never be replaced with the traditional backup system.


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