RAID Data Recovery New York is the best provider for RAID 5 data recovery services in New York. Given a RAID 5 failure, you can regain the lost data at a high recovery rate and avoid a business downtime that would culminate in productivity loss by just contacting us.

RAID 5 configuration seeks to be one of the most secure RAID configuration levels that require a minimum of 3 drives and a maximum of 16 drives. The RAID is almost similar to RAID 0 as they all use disk stripping technique though with RAID 5, fault tolerance is enhanced by having a distributed parity on the drives.

Your data is divided into several blocks and stripped across the storage drives and for every four strips on a drive, a parity checksum for the data in the previous four strips is calculated and written on the strip that follows.

Figure 1: RAID 5. Parity across multiple drives

In the case of a drive failure, RAID 5 data recovery will use the parity data stored in the parity strip to rebuild the failed drive. Therefore, a single drive failure on the RAID 5 system can be withstood as the checksum data is used in the rebuilding process. Secondly, the distributed parity feature enhances the speed of data writing. To support this, writing of data on each of the hard drives usually takes place concurrently and hence the fast speed.

Despite that the write operations are speedy, read operations are much slower in RAID recovery because the checksum in the parity has to be calculated. Secondly, some data is likely to be lost during the rebuild process of a failed hard drive since the rebuild process is usually prolonged (can take more than one day). If the second disk fails during the rebuild, then the data is likely to get permanently lost since the RAID can only support only one disk failure at a time. However, RAID Data Recovery New York has competent engineers who can rebuild the system without your company suffering any further loss and thus you should always trust us.


RAID Recovery NYC strives to provide the best services to our clients and add value to them as well. Therefore, if you want to recover lost data from your RAID 5 storage system, feel free to consult with us for professional advice. Our team of experts will create a response to your queries and perform a comprehensive analysis of your enterprise and computer network before RAID 5 data recovery is executed.

Besides being knowledgeable in all RAID configurations levels, engineers at RAID Recovery NYC have had 98% successful RAID data recoveries since the company was started. This should demonstrate the prowess in our services and hence, the data recovery from RAID 5 drive is part of our success stories.


How can you recover raid 5 with 2 failed drives?

To solve this, the expected sequence of actions will entail recovering data from the RAID 5, then rebuild the RAID applying the same RAID 5 configuration and finally upload data on the rebuilt RAID drive. Explaining these steps in depth, RAID Data Recovery New York will connect the array drives to your computer so that they act as independent local drives before running a RAID 5 data recovery software. After getting a disk image, we shall select and attach the image to the disk. We shall then select the term ‘RAID’ and the disks on which the RAID is to be constructed including the RAID 5 level arrangement. The reconstructed disk will be added to the other disks and to recover the RAID data, the reconstructed disk shall be opened and the required data selected from it. Finally, the selected data will be saved to a new safe location.

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