RAID Recovery NYC offers the best RAID 6 configuration services promising you the most perfect data security options that you will ever need. RAID 6 uses a similar stripping and parity technique with RAID 5 but the difference between the two arises when RAID 5 has to use a single parity while RAID 6 employs a double parity. This means that RAID 6 configuration requires a minimum of 4 disks and can withstand only two drive failures which makes it a more appealing option for clients. However, having our company full of expertise, we can guarantee you that the possibility of two drives failing simultaneously during data recovery is always minimal.

If one of your drives fails, RAID Recovery NYC will find a replacement for you and the checksum on the parity in the second drive is calculated and used to rebuild data on the new drive. You should be prepared for a possibility to have a prolonged rebuild process that can range from hours to one day. If another drive fails in the course of the drive swapping, the RAID 6 array will survive that second failure due to the double parity technique.


  • Unlike with most other RAID 5, data can be accessed even during the rebuilding of the drives thus making it more secure.
  • There is a less likelihood of data loss because the RAID can handle two simultaneous drive failures.
  • The system performance will be slower during the rebuild process as it will involve a double calculation of the parity checksum.
  • RAID 6 system is limited in use with SATA drives because the drives have administrations that inhibit them from rebuilding after a given failure.
  • The double drive failure is likely to affect your throughput but this consequence is much tolerable.

Figure 1: RAID 6 – Stripping with a double parity

RAID recovery services are ideal for critical systems such as:
– File and application servers that require a large data storage capacity.

RAID Recovery NYC strives to provide the best services to our clients and equally add value to them. Therefore, if your RAID 6 system fails or you cannot access data from the drives, note the error messages and contact us immediately for professional advice to conduct RAID 6 data recovery options. With advanced data recovery technology from our RAID recovery labs, our engineers will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your RAID 6 storage system and get the diagnostics. We shall then send you a free affordable price quote, a full analysis report, and a recovery plan. Usually, our company is very adamant about exercising professional ethics and code of conduct when handling confidential data. With that said, we guarantee you that your data will remain confidential, available and full of integrity.

Besides being knowledgeable in all RAID configurations levels, engineers at RAID Recovery NYC have had 98% successful RAID recoveries in the past The recoveries have usually been risk-free and this should demonstrate the company’s prowess in its services.

Possible Inquiry

How to replace a failed RAID 6 hard disk drive of a HP server

To solve this, the expected sequence of actions will entail recovering data from the RAID 6, then rebuild the RAID applying the same RAID 6 configuration and finally upload data on the rebuilt RAID drive. Explaining these steps in depth, RAID Data Recovery New York will connect the array drives to your computer so that they act as independent local drives before running a RAID 6 data recovery software. After getting a disk image, we shall select and attach the image to the disk. We shall then select the term ‘RAID’ and the disks on which the RAID is to be constructed including the RAID 6 level arrangement. The reconstructed disk will be added to the other disks and to recover the RAID data, the reconstructed disk shall be opened and the required data selected from it. Finally, the selected data will be saved to a new safe location.

RAID Recovery NYC services

  • Fast and 24/7 emergency response to RAID 6 cases
  • 98% success rate in data recovery
  • Use of the latest technology in data recovery services
  • Free-assessment of RAID systems and free quotations
  • Specialty professionals in data recovery response to the client needs

Important advice to our client on RAID 6:

Although RAID 6 systems safeguard against data loss, only data from a failed drive can be retrieved. Corrupted information or deleted data can never be recovered to its original written form. Therefore, the RAID 6 system is not a backup system.


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