RAID Rebuild

RAID data recovery NYC has the capacity and expertise to solve complex RAID recoveries for all types of data storage configuration levels ranging from RAID 0 to RAID 50. We have unmatched expertise and tools to rebuild RAIDs and ensure that our clients recover their lost critical data and resume operations quickly.

RAID Rebuild service

A RAID rebuild refers to the reconstruction of an array when replacing a damaged or failed RAID drive. In the case of an unexpected drive failure either permanently or temporarily, the RAID array will copy data to another drive within it until the damaged drive is replaced by a new one. After the replacement, data is then copied back to the new RAID drive using different RAID data storage levels.

Causes of RAID drive failure

1.Failed RAID controller

A RAID controller is used to direct RAID operations and power surges can make it fail when out-of-sync drives are reincorporated into the array. A failure in the RAID controller would fail the entire RAID system.

2.Improper RAID configurations.

Given the various RAID schemes each having different levels of reliability, a wrong RAID configuration could result in RAID failure.

3.Electrical damage

Power surges and voltage fluctuations can be a cause for RAID failure when the array’s hardware components are destroyed.

4.Extension of storage capacity

A user can decide to expand the storage capacity of a system without amending similar changes to the RAID system. This overloads the RAID system and eventually causes it to fail.

5.Natural catastrophes

Natural catastrophes include fire and water. When a RAID system is exposed to extreme temperatures or water this would damage it and hence data is likely to be lost.

6.Mechanical failure

Manual faults such as a single drive failure cause a workload on the remaining drives which makes the RAID system to fail.

Data rebuilding process

When you reach out to us, we shall confirm with you on the type of RAID configuration, the configuration settings, and your data back-up procedure. Our engineers will remotely access the RAID system and examine the possible causes of a drive failure. After that, a diagnostic report stating the affected areas, the estimated time and cost to rebuild the RAID array will be sent to you upon request. We shall allow you to make an informed decision on whether to enroll for the RAID rebuild and if you agree, we shall proceed to replace the failed drives and rebuild the data within the shortest time possible.

RAID data recovery cost

The cost of our services is usually affordable but may vary from one case to another. Depending on the findings in the diagnostic report, the cost will depend on the following parameters:

  • The data storage capacity of the RAID system.
  • The amount of time required to rebuild the array.
  • The number of RAID drives that have failed.

Why we are the best service providers for RAID rebuilding processes

  1. Our team of engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC has the expertise that is required to retrieve data from failed RAID drives.
  2. We have the latest technology to conduct rebuild processes and the best tools to replace failed RAID drives
  3. You can access RAID data recovery services 24/7.
  4. We provide free consultation services and a free price quote.

Important Advice:

§ Do not attempt to rebuild a failed RAID drive on your own using downloaded data recovery software as there is a possibility that the formatted drives will be overwritten by some internet files and these changes are irreversible. Also, ensure that all the RAID drives’ positions are labeled starting from 0 so that it is easy to locate the failed drives. RAID Data Recovery NYC is the best option for RAID data recovery and Array rebuild services and we guarantee you a 98% success rate.


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