Recovery from physically damaged RAID drives

RAID Data Recovery NYC is your most trusted RAID data recovery service provider for your physically damaged RAID drive. Whether you are a corporate client or an enterprise, we can always help you recover your lost data from a damaged RAID drive for all RAID configuration levels. We offer fast, professional, and affordable RAID data recovery services which are usually successful as we have had 98% success rates in all our past RAID data recoveries. We understand how data is critical to our clients and therefore, our engineers are here to help you.

Causes physical damage to RAID drives

Cases of RAID drives getting physically damaged are not usually as frequent as in normal hard disks. However, the drives are affected by similar issues including:

• Head Crash A crush is a very common physical problem in drives. It occurs when the head assembly level (most delicate part of a drive) hovers over the platter and the drive gets subjected to shock which damages the platter. As a result, data is lost when the two heads come into contact.

• Power surges. Since the drive cannot sustain much voltage, a power surge damages the internal chips of a drive thus causing data to be lost.

Noticing the above severely crushed disk, most specialized specialists in data recovery may tend to believe that the data in it is not recoverable. You may be surprised to find out that RAID Data Recovery NYC has retrieved lost data from such damaged disks and even worse than that in the past. This just shows you what our engineers are capable of and even though the clients were not able to retrieve all the data, at least they regained several smaller files that were very important.

Symptoms of a damaged RAID drive:

• Smoke coming out of drive
• Hard drive produces a clicking sound
• Slow booting of the drives
• Rebooting of the RAID system


If your RAID drive gets physically damaged, please contact us and our team of engineers will get back to you. We shall confirm with you on the type of RAID configuration, the drive’s manufacturer, the storage capacity and your data back-up procedure. A form will be sent to you containing the estimated price quote and the time scale to complete the RAID recovery. We shall then allow you to make an informed decision on whether to enroll for the RAID data recovery or not and if you issue a go-ahead, we shall begin the RAID recovery. We simply have to replace the wrecked drive with a new one and the lost data will be rebuilt in the new drive. Note that the replacement process should be immediate as any procrastination can be costly. For more advice, consult us if you experience RAID drive issues and we shall help you retrieve your lost data within the shortest time possible and the consultation is always free.

RAID data recovery cost for physically damaged RAID drives The cost of our services is usually affordable but may vary from one case to another depending on the diagnostic report and will depend on the following parameters:

– Data storage capacity of the affected server.
– The severity of the physical damage.

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Why we are the best:

1. Our engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC have expertise in retrieving lost data
from damaged drives in all RAID configurations levels.
2. We also have expertise in RAID data recovery for all RAID drive models.
3. We have had 98% success rates in RAID data recovery services in the past.
4. Consultation services and RAID data recovery services are offered 24/7.
5. We provide free consultation services and a free price quote.
6. We ensure that your data is confidential and achieves the highest level of integrity.

Important advice to our clients on RAID drive data recovery:

Do not attempt to rebuild a failed drive without any professional help as you may be risking further losses. Seek assistance from RAID Data Recovery NYC as we are the most reliable professionals in retrieving lost data from damaged RAID drives.


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