Secure Deletion of RAID drive

With over 39 years of experience in all types of RAID data recovery solutions, RAID Data Recovery NYC has gained a good reputation for successful RAID related services including a secure deletion of RAID drives. We have the expertise required to not only recover lost data but also safely delete RAID drives for security purposes.

Why you may need to erase a RAID drive

When you want to retire an old RAID drive which contains very confidential information, permanent disposal is the only way to handle it before other people can use it to do you harm. In the current world and amid high technology, hackers can easily find their way into an old drive and dig out confidential business information. Do not let that happen when you can safely erase the old RAID drive at RAID Data Recovery NYC.

It is important to note that erasing or even formatting a RAID drive is not the safest way to eliminate the data since basically, you are only hiding it from immediate viewing. Even with the use of free software, hackers can still recover the data and use the information against you. The surest way to ensure that your data is permanently lost and cannot be recovered is to allow data recovery experts to secure the deletion.

The process of sanitizing RAID drives

The process of deleting a RAID drive from a RAID array varies depending on the type of the drive. However, RAID Data Recovery NYC is geared towards ensuring that the data can never be recovered in the future using any technology. When RAID drives are brought to us for destruction, it has to go through the following steps: multi-pass overwriting, degaussing and then physical destruction.

  • Multi-pass overwriting – Overwriting the drive’s data entails replacing it using a predetermined pattern of zeroes and ones.
  • Degaussing- It refers to the process of erasing data using strong magnetic fields. The drive is passed through a reverse magnetizing field to reduce the magnetic flux to zero and in that state, data is erased.

Figure 1: Degaussed RAID drive
  • To determine if the degaussing was successful, we perform the following test: We plug a drive into a system to check whether it is being detected. Next, we swap the read/write heads with those of a new drive and if the drive cannot still be detected, then the degaussing was successful as the firmware is expected to have been destroyed too.

Figure 2: Physically destructed RAID drives
  • Physical destruction- Finally, for additional security purposes, the drive is physically destroyed through crushing in a shedder and in that condition, we render it unrecoverable.

If you require RAID drive deletions for security reasons, please consult with us on the surest way and our team of experts will reach out to you within the shortest time possible.

The cost of RAID drive data deletion

We always stick to the policy ‘no data, no charges’ which simply means that our consultation services and a price quote are done free of charge. However, the data recovery cost is very much fair and affordable to all.

Why we are the best:

  1. Our engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC have the expertise that is required to permanently erase data at any given time.
  2. We have the best technology to erase RAID drive content within the shortest time possible.
  3. Our consultation services are free.


Although our business deals with RAID data recovery, once we delete the data, we are sure that it will never be restored even by us. We have high- technology specialized tools to permanently delete data and therefore, you need to trust RAID Data Recovery NYC with your data. Secondly, ensure that your data is backed up before permanent erasing of RAID drive data but if it gets lost, we can still recover it for you.


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