Server data recovery

Do you experience any missing data from a failed or crushed server?

You should not panic! RAID Data Recovery NYC will quickly recover the lost data for you and your operations will resume normally as if data was not lost…

RAID Data Recovery New York is a top-leading RAID data recovery service provider and one of the reasons for our success is the ability to offer the most efficient and affordable RAID data recovery services to our clients. Our company understands the urgency our clients need to recover lost data and continue running their business operations. We have a team of expert engineers at your disposal who will quickly recover data lost from your server using RAID technology and your business operations shall run normally.

Causes data loss in servers

  1. Alterations of RAID configurations – A wrong RAID configuration could result in RAID failure and result in data loss.
  2. Alteration of server configurations.
  3. Natural catastrophes – Fire accidents, floods or earthquakes.
  4. Overheating- servers should be placed in rooms that are highly air-conditioned and the temperatures should be kept below 77 degrees F.
  5. Power surges.
  6. Overloading of the server.
  7. File/OS corruption
  8. Data modification by viruses and malware programs.
  9. Failure of the RAID controller.
  10. Failure during RAID repair.
  11. Loss of files during backup.

What to watch out for.

  • Server does not power up.
  • A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears when a server boots.
  • Some critical services fail to run after the server starts.


Please contact us when you observe any of the above server issues.
After contacting us, we shall confirm with you on the type of server, the manufacturer, the configuration settings and your data back-up procedure. Our engineers will remotely access the server and examine the possible causes of failure that would have led to the data loss. After that, a diagnostic report stating the affected areas, the possibility of data recovery as well as the estimated time and cost to conduct a server data recovery using RAID will be sent to you upon your request. We shall allow you to make an informed decision on whether to enroll for the RAID data recovery or not and if you issue a go-ahead, your lost data will be recovered within the shortest time possible.

RAID data recovery cost for servers

The cost of our services is usually affordable but may vary from one case to another depending on the diagnostic report. Depending on the findings in the diagnostic report, the cost will depend on the following parameters:

  • The type of damage.
  • Data storage capacity of the affected server.
  • Whether the server is responding or not.

Why we are the best

1.Our engineers at RAID Data Recovery NYC have expertise in retrieving lost data from all types of servers including:

  • File Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Application Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Widows Servers
  • Virtual Servers etc.

2.We also have expertise in RAID data recovery for all server brands and models such as:

  • SQL servers
  • Oracle servers
  • HP servers etc.

3.We have had 98% success rates in RAID data recovery services in the past.
4.Consultation services and RAID server data recovery services are offered 24/7.
5.We provide free consultation services and a free price quote.
6.Your data is safe with us.

Important advice to our clients on Server RAID data recovery:

When you experience server data loss, do not attempt to open the computer server on your own as you may be risking it to further losses. Instead, seek professional assistance from Data Recovery NYC for we are the most reliable RAID data recovery service providers for servers


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