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RAID Data Recovery NYC has the experience to recover data from virtual infrastructures, virtual workstations, and virtual servers as our engineers are experts in analyzing, understanding and resolving data loss issues in virtual data storage. What drives us is the understanding that data is important to our clients and when it gets lost, this would cost them a fortune. That is why we need to provide RAID data recovery services for all data storages including VMware to have happy clients.


A Virtual Machine (VM) is software that allows a computer to emulate the working of another operating system in it. This way, you could be having two different operating systems running in the same machine with one of them being virtualized.

What causes data loss in Virtual Machine System?

1.RAID system failure

Virtual systems normally use RAID 5, RAID 6 array, or nested RAID10 configuration levels. It is unlikely to see VMware machines under these data storage configurations fail but if a single RAID drive fails or crashes, the entire array is likely to fail.

2.Hardware failure

Power surges or natural disasters i. earthquakes could fail the hardware components that are found in the RAID array hence causing data loss.

3.Corrupt virtual disk files (VMDK)

A virtual machine is usually made up of several virtual disks. A virus or malware could corrupt the data in the virtual disk which could lead to virtual machine failure and ultimately a disastrous loss of data.

4.Corrupted file system (VMFS)

Corruption on the ESX server where a file system runs is likely to corrupt the file system too and thus the data in the system becomes unreadable. Also, if critical data is deleted from a file system, the virtual server gets affected and one may not access any data from it.
However, do not worry if any of the above issues happen. Whenever the disks are facing either a physical or logical problem or data in the VMDK files gets deleted or formatted, contact RAID Data Recovery NYC for the most professional RAID data recovery service.

RAID Data Recovery process for a VMware

After contacting us, we shall request you to provide important details i.e. symptoms of the VMware before the failure, the present operating system and the storage space of the virtual machine. Our engineers will then remotely access the VMware machine and examine the possible causes of failure that would have led to the data loss. A diagnostic report stating the damages, the possibility of data recovery as well as the estimated time and cost to conduct the VMware data recovery using RAID will be sent to you upon your request.
When you allow the data recovery process to proceed, the data recovery process will involve the recovery of the VMDK files or the recovery of data from the virtual environment using the latest forensic software.

RAID data recovery cost for VMware

We always stick to the policy ‘no data, no charges’ which simply means that our consultation services and a price quote are done free of charge. However, the data recovery cost is very much fair and affordable to all.

Why we are the best:

Our engineers have the most advanced proprietary software and in-laboratory to perform RAID data recoveries from any virtual environments including:
Virtual Infrastructure i.e. VMware Infrastructure, vSphere, ESXi, etc.
Virtual servers i.e. VMware vSphere, VMware ESXi, VMware Fusion, etc.
Virtual file system i.e. VMFS, NTFS, HFS, etc.


With over years of experience, RAID data Recovery NYC has had 98% successful RAID data recoveries. If you need the most affordable, reliable and secure RAID recovery services for the VMware system, don’t look any further. We are your trusted VMware data recovery partner.
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