What Is A RAID

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a virtual data storage technology that sums a series of the physical disk into a single unit for improved performance, an overall increase in the storage capacity. This means RAID users enjoy better data reliability and availability, with high-level performance. There are seven configurations for RAID each with varying level of reliability and performance. 

  • RAID 0 – uses Disk Stripping technique to allow for high-speed data access 
  • RAID 1 – uses Disk Mirroring technique to allow for faults tolerant data access
  • RAID 5 – uses Stripping with parity technique
  • RAID 6 – uses striping with double parity technique
  • RAID 10 – Striping and Mirroring techniques

However, what happens if you lost data from an already sophisticated system? Datarecovery47 comes in handy.

RAID Recovery NYC is committed to ensuring customers get what they want. RAID storage is the most promising and recent form of data storage and protection. Integrating RAID technology into business saves it from critical data loss since data fail on one disk may not affect the other disks. And such as case, where data may be lost on one of the disks, RAID Recovery NYC offers the unbeatable solutions to such issues. Our technical team will be there upon your inquiry to assess your drives at no cost! Once a full inspection is complete, our technical team will advise you on how best RAID recovery service will be implemented with Free quotation of cost estimates and other requirements.

RAID Failures

RAID Recovery NYC has conducted a RAID data recovery service across New York under different scenarios. While most clients believe RAID storage systems should not fail due to their fault tolerance features when data is lost most are found without backups and unaware of what steps to take. Common RAID failures include;

  • Malfunctioned Controller
  • Data Deletion or reformat
  • Missing RAID partition
  • Virus Attack
  • Power Surge
  • Inadvertent reconfiguration of RAID volume
  • volume reconstruction problem
  • Inaccessible RAID volume due to upgrades
  • Fault system registry

RAID may fail under circumstances when a single disk failure occurs and the RAID array is forced to operate without one of the disks. In this scenario, it is important to contact our RAID Data recovery New York to enable a replacement as quickly as possible as the to avoid failure on next drive that may disable the whole RAID volume. 

Most RAID manufacturers such as Compaq, HP, Adaptec, Mylex, etc. advice on the extension of data availability and protection in hard disk failures. However, the issue arises on RAID servers as most have a single controller and this may cause a single point disastrous failure.  RAID Recovery NYC offers a guarantee of the fastest RAID data recovery service from such failures.

Businesses or individuals in New York are well equipped with electric power with backup generators in case of failures. But the problem of sudden power surges is imminent, and cannot be predicted. This power surges may interfere with RAID configurations and hence loss of data. At RAID Data recovery New York, we ensure 98% of your data is recovered from such failures.


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